It’s ok to have bad days.

It is ok to have bad days, those that make you doubt whether you want to continue or not, those that make you think of “surrendering”.

It is ok to be sad, confused, desperate, frustrated and come to think that nothing is worth it, that everything has been in vain and that you have wasted your time.

It is ok to have a broken, broken soul. Let the tears run down your cheeks and cleanse your whole soul, that they teach you that without pain we can not know happiness.

Let time pass, yes, the one who says that everything heals. But sometimes, only sometimes we think that it only makes things worse.

The advice I give to you, and above all to myself, because I also get to have these thoughts and I usually feel this way.

Everything happens, nothing is forever, neither joy nor bad moments. Someday, that’s what you’re going through will disappear and happiness will return to your life.

Always remember that hope dies when life is over; and whatever happens, keep your faith inside of you.

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