what you should know about your pet.

As many times I have already commented, I am a lover of animals, especially dogs. I really feel a great affinity towards them; Every time I see one, I melt with love.

It can be said that I have some experience with these furry beings. For almost 13 years I have a beautiful Cocker Spaniel, which obviously is not the puppy I show in the picture, this is from @marijo-rm; Who very kindly lent me to be my model.

Throughout all these years with my pet, I have learned many things about dogs. That’s why today I decided to write some of them:

  1. The life of the dog is shorter than that of humans: 1 year for us is equivalent to 7 years for them.
  2. They will always show more attachment to that member of the family that feeds them constantly. In my case, my dog ​​is very attached to my mother, because she was the one who fed him when he was a puppy.
  3. They do not like being alone, and they feel a deep sadness when you leave your house because they think you have abandoned them. Therefore, each time you arrive, they receive you with great joy.
  4. Dogs with long ears tend to suffer a lot from otitis, which is an infection of the ear canal. When this happens, you can apply antibiotics 1 at a time per day for 10 days. You should be very careful when your pet has this infection in the ear, because if the scratch is too excessive; An otohematoma can be formed; This is basically the accumulation of blood and fluid in the atrium that is produced by the rupture of the blood vessels.
  5. You should not bathe your dog so often, because it can cause skin problems. It is advisable to do it every 15 days.

I hope you liked it and that you have made useful these little tips that many people do not know, especially if it is the first time they have a puppy. I say goodbye and we read in a next post.

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