Save your heart.

What does it mean when we listen to the words save your heart?

Do you know the importance of doing this?

As well as we choose which are the people that enter our life. It is important to know how to choose what things should enter our heart; Because this depends on what we transmit to others, to life in general.You will ask yourself, how is this? Well, you see, if you let in your heart hatred, resentment, this is what you are going to transmit; On the contrary, if you let in love, understanding, kindness; that’s what will come from you too.

It is important to be selective with what things or with what people, we let in our soul. Therefore, above all things, guard your heart, protect it; just as you would do with something you want, Be it your house, your family, your cell phone, your friends. Just like you do with them, do it with you too, love yourself, value yourself, but, above all, take care of yourself.

Proverbs 4:23 Above all, keep your heart, because everything you do flows from it.

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