When we fall in the comparisons.

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Almost all the time we fall into that temptation, we compare everything; We can do it with a thing, a place, a person, a memory, but the fact is that most of the time we do it; and we do not realize that with this, we can cause harm to ourselves and even to others.

Is it wrong to compare one thing with another? It depends, I think the problem begins when we ourselves do it with other people;because without realizing it many times we can fall into envy, in wanting what “another has”, or feeling frustrated because we do not have what that person has; I can even think that “it’s better than me”, or why does not that happen to me?

Every human being in this life is totally different and unique; Full of qualities, virtues and defects. We did not come to this world to compete with others, or to feel inferior because we do not have the same things as others. We came here to make our mark, and to be just ourselves.

Never compare yourself with others, you are special as you are and nobody can be like you; that also means that nobody can be better or worse than you. Do not fall into envy, in wanting what another person has. Concentrate on your life and on doing things better every day; Because each person sooner or later comes its time to shine.


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